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The Professional Clothing Awards were established to recognise the international uniform supply chain and reward exceptional workwear, corporate clothing and PPE from around the world.


Rebranded as PCA VISION for 2019 onwards, this contest forms the basis for the support that the Professional Clothing Awards and the professional clothing industry gives to young, upcoming designers. PCA VISION is an international contest, open to students from across Europe.

The contest requires students to share their vision of stylish, functional professional clothing (corporatewear, workwear and PPE (personal protective equipment)) that can be worn for a specific job role in a sector of their choice. The goal is for the students to deliver innovative designs that truly meet the needs of the worker (man or woman) to help them to perform their job to the best of their ability in their standard job environment.


The contest is only open to students who are 18 years of age or older and who are enrolled in a full-time course at one of the participating schools, colleges or universities.


For PCA VISION 2019 the organisers are working with universities and colleges across Europe offering fashion design and textiles courses. Confirmed academic institutions are listed below:

London College of Fashion
Manchester Metropolitan
De Montfort University
Bedford College
University of Northampton
Brighton University
Letterkenny Inst. of Technology (Ireland)

Hochschule Niederrhein - University of Applied Sciences
FAUL - Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade de Lisboa
ESMOD International
L'Académie Internationale de Coupe de Paris

*PCA VISION contest has been added to the school syllabus/teaching programme.


All student entries to the PCA VISION 2019 contest will be submitted through their college or university. No entries can be sent direct to the contest organisers. Each participating school will establish a school “review panel” from amongst its teaching staff to review all student entries and to select the top 3 designs to put forward to the PCA VISION 2019 judging panel.

The PCA VISION 2019 judging panel will comprise of a minimum of eight (8) qualified representatives with experience in professional clothing/workwear/PPE, textiles (fibres, fabrics, trims & technologies) or product design and development.

The judging panel will shortlist ten (10) finalists from the student designs submitted by the participating schools. These finalists will be asked to make one outfit to showcase their design. PCA VISION 2019 contest organisers will provide finalists with cash (approx. £100 (UK Sterling)) to help purchase supplies to make their outfits and will be given a fabric library of contacts who can help the students get the fabrics they need.

The winners of the PCA VISION Awards 2019 will be selected from the 10 finalists and announced at the Professional Clothing Awards gala evening in London, June 2019.



The PCA VISION contest comprises the following awards and prizes:

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The outfits created by all the contest finalists will be featured in special catwalk shows as set up by the contest organisers in 2018. The winning young designers will be invited to attend the Professional Clothing Awards gala evening, to meet the judges and other influential members of the professional clothing industry. The shortlisted finalist’s outfits and designs will be on display at the gala evening event.

Note: No finalist can win more than one of the Awards.


Design a range for a specific job role in any industry that falls into one of these three clothing categories - Corporatewear, Workwear or Personal Protective Equipment. You must specify the end user's job role and produce innovative, functional garment solutions for both men and women, designs that meet the needs of the worker and can help them to perform their job to the best of their ability in their work environment.


The requirements for submission to the PCA VISION 2018 contest are listed below. The design entries submitted by the participating schools must have all the required elements. If any entries are incomplete they will not be put forward to the judging panel.

Design work must be submitted on paper and in the form of a powerpoint or other electronic format presentation, must be in full colour and must include the following:

• Design drawings showing both male and female versions the outfit/concept
• Details of the job role, industry and work environment where the design would be worn/used
• Explanation of how the design is fit for purpose/functional
• Suggested fabric and trim selections and explanation of how and why these work in the design concept
• Summary of design inspiration

In addition, design entries must be accompanied by a short (max 3 minutes) video presentation by the student designer about their concept, design ideas and inspiration. Videos will be reviewed at the same time as the electronic version of the student’s design work.


Entrants can expect that their design work will be reviewed by the judging panel against the following criteria:

1. Utilisation of fabrics, trims and textile technology in the work garment design
2. Overall functionality of the garment design for the worker and particular work environment specified
3. Commercial viability of design in the professional clothing industry
4. Level of innovation in the design and its potential for changing the style/approach to garments used in the job role specified.

In addition, design entries must be accompanied by a short (max 3 minutes) video presentation by the student designer about their concept, design ideas and inspiration. Videos will be reviewed at the same time as the electronic version of the student’s design work.


4th Sep 2017: ‘PCA VISION’ contest official launch date
16th Feb 2018: Deadline for initial designs to be submitted by universities/colleges
1st March 2018: Judging Panel meets to shortlist finalists (who will then be contacted to create their garments)
4th May 2018: Deadline for submission of final garments by students
17th and 18th May 2018: Judging Panel meet again to assess final winners
20th June 2018: Winners announced live at the Professional Clothing Awards, London 2018.


PCA VISION is a contest set up, organised, managed and promoted by the team at Marston Consulting Ltd, UK (trading as director-e). It is promoted under and forms part of the PROFESSIONAL CLOTHING AWARDS (PCA)


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PCA Awards in Association with director-e & Professional Clothing Show

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