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Entries will be judged by a panel of independent experts drawn from senior operators in product technology and innovation and those in academic fields of textiles, fashion and design.

Supplier, Distributors and Manufacturers Awards

Depending on the category or categories being entered, entrants must provide evidence of innovation and excellence in product development and/or services by answering key questions. Entrants are also encouraged to provide supporting evidence of the product, component or process, for example photographs, videos, drawings, graphics, notes, calculations, plans and/or media representation – as well as a physical sample if necessary and where possible.

Business Manager Awards

We have chosen questions that we hope are general enough to encompass all three categories (workwear, corporate clothing and PPE); however, this does not mean that the panel will be looking for general answers. Entrants should, therefore, make sure that all statements are backed up with specific examples.

In addition, although it is inevitable that the panel will look to see how well entrants answer the ten questions as a whole, those who are unable to answer some questions as comprehensively as others due to the unique situation of every buyer, may still impress in other areas. The profiles that you fill in before answering the questions will also help to put the answers into context so, for example, those new to the industry have as good a chance of success as those who have been in their current position for many years.

Each entrant and their team will be judged individually on how far they have come in terms of personal development. However, if you are unable to answer one question sufficiently, you must make sure that you explain why.

2018 Professional Clothing Awards, ‘VISION’ sponsored by CORDURA

To be eligible to participate, you must be enrolled as a current student at a recognised University.

In order to apply for the 2018 Professional Clothing Awards, ‘VISION’ sponsored by CORDURA, the candidate will be required to design and create a uniform for any industry, which will then be shown at the Professional Clothing Show and Awards. Entrants will need to provide notes and drawings and an explanation of their choice of materials and how the design offers solutions for the industry at which it is targeted.

Brief: Design a range for the year 2020 in one of the three clothing categories - Corporatewear, Workwear or PPE Clothing. You must specify the end user's job role. After extensive research and design development, produce one A3 board presenting the full range of garments both as flat drawings and illustrations AND one A3 board of fabrics, FULL details of fabrics should be on this board.

The following should be incorporated into the designs:

1. Fresh, vibrant approach which is also functional and fit for purpose
2. Fabrics specified for all garments incorporating the latest technology available i.e. anti-static functions, moisture management technology, crease resistant, stretch, coatings, non-flammable etc.
3. Integration of different fabric technologies in the garment with explanation.
4. Innovative designs with trend-setting potential for the target market.
5. Male and female clothing required.

An explanation of the designs i.e. benefits of the fit/style and choice of fabrics should accompany your A3 board in the form of an A4 booklet. There is also the opportunity to supply supporting materials such as PowerPoint, video, and electronic information to support your entry further.

Participant's shortlisted as finalists for the 2018 Professional Clothing Awards, ‘VISION’ sponsored by CORDURA, will be asked to create two identical physical samples of their garments - one for use at the Professional Clothing Show and Awards, and one for supporting further ongoing post-event PR and marketing. In recognition of this, all finalists creating physical garments will be offered a contribution towards costs of approximately £100.

Winners will be awarded first, second and third prizes in the Professional Clothing Awards ‘VISION’ with cash prizes of £750, £500 and £250 respectively. The University from which the winner of the 2018 Professional Clothing Awards ‘VISION’ originates will also receive a cash prize of £500. The winners will be announced at the Professional Clothing Awards 2018 scheduled to take place in June 2018.
All finalists in the 2018 Professional Clothing Awards, ‘VISION’ sponsored by CORDURA, will be extended an invitation to attend the Professional Clothing Show and Awards event, with one night's accommodation paid for by the organisers.


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PRIVACY POLICY - Please note that all information in your application will be treated strictly as private and confidential. Any details given will be accessible to the Professional Clothing Show and the panel but will not be shared with third parties. Unfortunately, any applications received after the deadline on Wednesday 2nd March 2018 will not be taken into consideration.

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